Web Design Development E-Commerce Consulting

Web Design

  • Interface Design. Rich, multimedia interfaces to usable corporate interfaces and templating solutions.
  • U.S Section 508 approved accessibile sites. Allowing your business site to conform to the accessilibity practices most sites aim for.
  • WAI approved accessible sites. Allowing your site to be accessible to people with disabilities and all browsers--from voice browsers and mobile phones and other portable devices.
  • Multimedia development. Streamable audio and video to absorb the user or animated graphics to bring your site to life.
  • Graphic Design, touch-up and optimization to allow faster loading times, save up on expensive bandwidth, and exhibit sharper, crisper images.
  • Macromedia Flash intros and movies to integrate your site with the most enhanced and rich multimedia technology.
  • Web Site Makeovers to provide your existing site with a new look.
  • Site Branding and Promotion, professional imagery and logo design.


  • Database development on MySQL, PostGres, MSSQL and DB2 servers, allowing you to move business logic over to the DB tier and bring about notable performance increases.
  • XML-based solutions, gives your business the ability to communicate with more vendors and enhance B2B outlook, or simply add more room for scalability and portability.
  • Server Side Programming. We can express your Business Logic in any of the popular languages: ASP, PHP, Perl or Java. If you can conceive it, we can probably develop it.
  • On-Site Server setups so you can manage your site in-house with minimum effort, especially if your site is fully automated.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS). We can develop CMS's tailored around your existing site, or bundle them with our own package. They will allow you to manage your site without requiring any technical knowledge.
  • Intranet Applications running on a secure, central server allowing authorized users to access the application from any terminal.
  • Java Applets, for solutions where web-forms fall short. Java Applets can prove to be powerful tools on the client end, reducing server loads, eliminating client-server trips, and providing clients immediate responses and more control.
  • Customer Relation Management (CRM). Traffic Analysis, Feedback Forms, Click Tracking and other CRM-related solutions can help pinpoint bottle-necks, gather valuables data on user preferences and assist in devising new strategies.
  • Web Hosting. It is preferred that you host your site with us, allowing us to manage it better. We offer competitive rates and high connection speeds. Contact Us for more details.
  • Service Contract. If your site needs to be maintained by a technical person, or requires careful attention, we can take over the webmaster services and routinely inspect and update your site.


  • Shopping Carts. You can select from a range of ready-made shopping carts or get us to design a custom shopping cart system tailored to your online store's requirements.
  • Merchant Account setup. All E-Commerce systems require a merchant account to accept credit transactions. We will be help you pick the right merchant according to your needs, and enable your business for financial transactions.
  • Secure SSL certificates. If your merchant or existing web-host does not provide a secure connection or you wish to purchase your own security certificate for your business, we can acquire and install a certificate for you.
  • E-Commerce Hosting. We can provide you with hassle free hosting for your E-Commerce system, for optimum integration, security and management.


We offer free consulting to new and existing clients. We can help you determine the technology to adopt, the solutions that will boost your business, and the costs/benifits of moving over to the web. We can also do a free site audit (time-permitting) and suggest minor improvements. Feel free to ask away whatever is on your mind. If you have more detailed inquiries, we'd be happy to meet you in person and provide you professional consulation services, on anything pertaining to the web.